Map of France with the departments

Carte de France, départements

Administrative division of departments.

The department and the second level of administrative division of the French Republic after the region (first level). This administrative division was created on 22 December 1789. In 2011, the number of French departments will increase from 100 to 101. Indeed, on 31 March 2011, Mayotte became the 101st French department and the 5th overseas department. The departments have structures representing the State and responsible for implementing government policy. In order to situate the department at the level of administrative division, it is necessary to know that a region contains one or more departments and a department itself subdivided into several arrondissements. The departments are numbered from 01 to 95 for metropolitan France (except for the departments of Corsica, which are numbered 2A and 2B) and from 971 to 976 for the overseas departments.

Map of France's departments with the new regions

On the map of France below we have the departments with their respective numbers and the new regions. A given color corresponds to a region and its departments. The regions are the new 13 regions after merger and renaming. To see this map of France with more details or to print it you have to click on the print button to the right of the title. You will then have a map with the names of the departments and regions in a larger size.

Map of France with the departments with their numbers and the new regions

Map of the French departments with outlines and capitals

Map of France with the contours of the departments and capitals

Above is a map of France with the departments and their respective capitals. For their highlighting, the departments are distinctly colored and their respective numbers can be found inside the contours. The map can be enlarged (zoomed) by clicking on the print icon to the right of the title.

Map of the departments of France

Map of the departments of France

Vector Chart of France (Departments)

Vector Chart of France of the Departments

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