Map of France with the 13 regions (HD)

Map of France with the 13 new metropolitan regions

New map of France in 2160p (4k) quality with the 13 new regions. This map of France represents the 13 new regions of the French metropolis as well as the 5 overseas regions.

Before the reform of 1 January 2016, France had 27 regions (22 in mainland France and 5 overseas regions). After the reform, France has only 18 regions left: the 13 new metropolitan regions and the 5 overseas regions.

Below you have a map of France with the old regions.

Map regions of France

Map of the regions of France

French regions

France had 22 metropolitan regions (before 2016) and 5 overseas departments and regions, i.e. 27 regions in all.


The regions correspond to the largest administrative division in France, they are themselves divided into departments, except for the DOM TOM for which the region and department are combined. There are 27 regions in France, of which 22 are in mainland France and 5 in the overseas departments and territories. The regions are headed by a regional prefect who is appointed by the President of the French Republic. Although it has extensive administrative powers, the region has no legislative powers. Its powers cover the management of high schools, transport and economic activity. These powers are exercised within a regional council.

While the region does not have legislative power as stated above, it does ensure that regulations are enforced. It has an elected regional council, headed by a regional president who exercises executive power under the supervision of the regional prefect.

For more information on each region you can visit the links to access maps of the regions and other numerical information.

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Carte de France des régions après la réforme de 2016

Map of France after the 2016 reform

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