Map of towns in France

Map of France cities and towns

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High Resolution France Card (4k)

France Map

Above is a map of France in ultra high resolution for printing. This map of France contains the regional contours (13 new regions) and the contours of the French departments. Each region is represented by a colour distinct from the others. The names of the 13 regions and printed prominently and the main rivers are specified on this high quality map of France. This map of France will make a very good school or educational support, the quality of the map is ideal to illustrate a French geography course.

Map of tourism in France

France tourism map, type of trip

A nicely illustrated map of France of tourism showing the geographical distribution of the different types of tourism on the French territory: summer seaside tourism, winter tourism, tourism with a cultural focus (monuments, landscapes, gastronomy), green tourism. You have all the indicators to help you choose your next travel destination.

France's 100 largest cities

In 2013, France will have 36681 communes against 36700 in 2012, i.e. 19 communes less. This is due to the disparititon of 27 communes and the creation of 8 new ones. The disappearances are, for the most part, the result of the absorption of communes by others or mergers. The 36681 communes are spread over 27 regions (22 in metropolitan France and 5 in the DOM TOM) and 101 departments.

Ranking of the 100 largest French cities in order of population size according to the census established in 2012. The number to the left of the city is only used to indicate the rank of the city (from 1 to 100) on a national scale. The number in grey on the right is the city's postal code..

Map of France with the 13 regions (HD)

Map of France with the outline of the 13 regions

ap of France with a very high level of detail with the 13 regions of France highlighted in colour. This map of France also has the particularity to represent the French road network (main roads). To print this map of France just press the printer icon on the right of the title.

Map of France: the relief of France

Map of France, relief and mountains

This relief map of France gives an idea of the main mountain ranges in France. The largest mountain ranges are designated and located here (small black triangle).

On this map of France, you can easily distinguish the following mountain massifs:

  • Mont Blanc (French Alps) with 4810 meters it is the highest peak in France.
  • Le Vignemale (Pyrenees), 3298 meters
  • Monte Cinto (Corsica), 2706 meters
  • Le Puy de Sancy (Massif Central), 1886 meters
  • Le Crêt de la Neige (Jura), 1723 meters
  • Le Ballon de Guebwiller (Massif des Vosges), 1424 meters

Map of France : the departments

Map of France departments

The 20 largest cities in detail

City Postal code Region Departement Population Area Density
Paris75001Île-de-FranceParis2,193,030105.63 km220,761 inh/km2
Marseille13000Provence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurBouches-du-Rhône852,395239.41 km23,560 inh/km2
Lyon69000Rhône-AlpesRhône472,33048.09 km29,822 inh/km2
Toulouse31000Midi-PyrénéesHaute-Garonne446,220119.06 km23,748 inh/km2
Nice6000Provence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurAlpes-Maritimes352,38873.86 km24,771 inh/km2
Nantes44000Pays de la LoireLoire-Atlantique290,94365.88 km24,416 inh/km2
Strasbourg67000AlsaceBas-Rhin276,06378.31 km23,525 inh/km2
Montpellier34000Languedoc-RoussillonHérault257,09257.22 km24,493 inh/km2
Bordeaux33000AquitaineGironde238,92149.49 km24,828 inh/km2
Lille59000Nord-Pas-de-CalaisNord232,17225.34 km29,162 inh/km2
Rennes35000BretagneIlle-et-Vilaine213,09650.48 km24,221 inh/km2
Reims51100Champagne-ArdenneMarne187,65049.41 km23,798 inh/km2
le Havre76600Haute-NormandieSeine-Maritime182,41154.75 km23,332 inh/km2
Saint-Étienne42000Rhône-AlpesLoire178,53080.16 km22,227 inh/km2
Toulon83000Provence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurVar168,76844.23 km23,816 inh/km2
Grenoble38000Rhône-AlpesIsère159,41018.61 km28,566 inh/km2
Angers49000Pays de la LoireMaine-et-Loire155,70144.44 km23,504 inh/km2
Dijon21000BourgogneCôte-d'Or155,38741.5 km23,744 inh/km2
le Mans72000Pays de la LoireSarthe148,34052.62 km22,819 inh/km2
Aix-en-Provence13090Provence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurBouches-du-Rhône146,690187.53 km2782 inh/km2

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