Moncetz-Longevas postcode

51470 postal code

The postal code of Moncetz-Longevas is the postal code 51470. It is composed of the department code Marne (51) and the postal distributor office code of Moncetz-Longevas which is the 470.

The commune of Moncetz-Longevas is part of the 51 (Marne) department located in the Champagne-Ardenne region. The insee code of the commune of Moncetz-Longevas is the 51372. The commune of Moncetz-Longevas with an area of 7.28 km2, had about 577 inhabitants at the census made in 2012. Moncetz-Longevas has one 1 only one postcode, 51470.

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City namePostal Code
Location of Moncetz-Longevas, postal code 51470

Here is the list of the communes neighbouring : Moncetz-Longevas with their zip codes: Chepy (51240) à 1.4 km, Sarry (51520) à 1.8 km, Sogny-aux-Moulins (51520) à 2.4 km, Saint-Germain-la-Ville (51240) à 3.2 km, Mairy-sur-Marne (51240) à 3.2 km, Vésigneul-sur-Marne (51240) à 4.7 km, Coolus (51510) à 5.4 km, Saint-Memmie (51470) à 5.9 km, Compertrix (51510) à 6.4 km, Togny-aux-Boeufs (51240) à 6.4 km,

The postal code 51470 is shared by common :

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Ranking of the municipality of Moncetz-Longevas

RankingPopulation rankRanking area
In France 14966ème25582ème
In region Champagne-Ardenne 353ème1410ème
In departement Marne 130ème447ème

Schools in Moncetz-Longevas (51470)

Etablissement Secteur Adresse Code postal et ville Nature

Broadband ADSL and fiber optic eligibility test at Moncetz-Longevas

This section details the internet offer at Moncetz-Longevas, in the Marne department. It allows you to compare the ADSL and fiber optic operators offering offers at Moncetz-Longevas.


The availability of high speed internet access ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2 on the commune of Moncetz-Longevas is specified at the following url: ADSL and fibre to Moncetz-Longevas. You will be able to test your broadband internet eligibility using your telephone number or mailing address. You will also know the NRAs (connection nodes) located at or near Moncetz-Longevas and the fibre optic technologies available at Moncetz-Longevas (FTTH or FTTLa).

Address of the public services of Moncetz-Longevas

Adresse : Mairie - Moncetz-Longevas

Adresse postale : 19 Grand'rue
Code postal et commune : 51470 Moncetz-Longevas

Horaires de : Mairie - Moncetz-Longevas | Trajet en bus

Municipalities close to the postal code 51470

Postal Code City Population Distance
51470 Moncetz-Longevas 577 inhabitants 0.0 km
51240 Chepy 393 inhabitants 1.4 km
51520 Sarry 2,168 inhabitants 1.8 km
51520 Sogny-aux-Moulins 120 inhabitants 2.4 km
51240 Saint-Germain-la-Ville 585 inhabitants 3.2 km
51240 Mairy-sur-Marne 560 inhabitants 3.2 km
51240 Vésigneul-sur-Marne 277 inhabitants 4.7 km
51510 Coolus 230 inhabitants 5.4 km
51470 Saint-Memmie 5,481 inhabitants 5.9 km
51510 Compertrix 1,185 inhabitants 6.4 km
51240 Togny-aux-Boeufs 152 inhabitants 6.4 km
51240 Ecury-sur-Coole 482 inhabitants 6.7 km

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