Fouquenies postcode

60000 postal code

The postal code of Fouquenies is the postal code 60000. It is composed of the department code Oise (60) and the postal distributor office code of Fouquenies which is the 000.

The commune of Fouquenies is part of the 60 (Oise) department located in the Picardie region. The insee code of the commune of Fouquenies is the 60250. The commune of Fouquenies with an area of 6.35 km2, had about 457 inhabitants at the census made in 2012. Fouquenies has one 1 only one postcode, 60000.

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City namePostal Code
Location of Fouquenies, postal code 60000

Here is the list of the communes neighbouring : Fouquenies with their zip codes: Troissereux (60112) à 1.9 km, Mont-Saint-Adrien (60650) à 3.5 km, Herchies (60112) à 3.8 km, Beauvais (60000) à 3.9 km, Goincourt (60000) à 4.1 km, Saint-Paul (60650) à 4.7 km, Tillé (60000) à 4.8 km, Pierrefitte-en-Beauvaisis (60112) à 4.9 km, Saint-Germain-la-Poterie (60650) à 5.0 km, Marais (60000) à 5.4 km,

The postal code 60000 is shared by common :

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Ranking of the municipality of Fouquenies

RankingPopulation rankRanking area
In France 17599ème27771ème
In region Picardie 815ème1357ème
In departement Oise 350ème424ème

Schools in Fouquenies (60000)

Etablissement Secteur Adresse Code postal et ville Nature

Broadband ADSL and fiber optic eligibility test at Fouquenies

This section details the internet offer at Fouquenies, in the Oise department. It allows you to compare the ADSL and fiber optic operators offering offers at Fouquenies.


The availability of high speed internet access ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2 on the commune of Fouquenies is specified at the following url: ADSL and fibre to Fouquenies. You will be able to test your broadband internet eligibility using your telephone number or mailing address. You will also know the NRAs (connection nodes) located at or near Fouquenies and the fibre optic technologies available at Fouquenies (FTTH or FTTLa).

Address of the public services of Fouquenies

Adresse : Mairie - Fouquenies

Adresse postale : 4 rue de Montmille
Code postal et commune : 60000 Fouquenies

Horaires de : Mairie - Fouquenies | Trajet en bus

Municipalities close to the postal code 60000

Postal Code City Population Distance
60000 Fouquenies 457 inhabitants 0.0 km
60112 Troissereux 1,177 inhabitants 1.9 km
60650 Mont-Saint-Adrien 598 inhabitants 3.5 km
60112 Herchies 649 inhabitants 3.8 km
60000 Beauvais 56,637 inhabitants 3.9 km
60000 Goincourt 1,286 inhabitants 4.1 km
60650 Saint-Paul 1,592 inhabitants 4.7 km
60000 Tillé 1,075 inhabitants 4.8 km
60112 Pierrefitte-en-Beauvaisis 397 inhabitants 4.9 km
60650 Saint-Germain-la-Poterie 428 inhabitants 5.0 km
60000 Marais 746 inhabitants 5.4 km
60112 Verderel-lès-Sauqueuse 777 inhabitants 5.8 km

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