Municipality of Rémérangles (60510)

Rémérangles city hall

Rémérangles is a French municipality of the department Oise (60) in the region Picardie. The city of Rémérangles has a population of 235 inhabitants according to the 2012 census and the area of Rémérangles is approximately 8.38 km2, thus a density of 28 inhabitants/km2. Postal code of Rémérangles is 60510 and his INSEE code is 60530

Mayor of Rémérangles is M Hubert PROOT, he was elected for the 2014-2020 term. You can see the composition of the Rémérangles city council below.

For your administrative formalities you can go to the town hall of Rémérangles located at : 38 Grande rue, 60510 Rémérangles.

The neighbouring municipalities of Rémérangles are Fay-Saint-Quentin, Bulles, Essuiles, Rue-Saint-Pierre, Litz, Bresles, Fouquerolles, Haudivillers, Neuville-en-Hez, Plessier-sur-Bulles, Mesnil-sur-Bulles and Etouy.

Updated on 29/06/2020 :
For the constitution of the new city council (2020) and the new mayor, you can consult the results of the municipal election in Rémérangles in 2020.

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In this section you will find all the information about the town hall of Rémérangles. You can get all the information you need from the address below. You can also contact the town hall of Rémérangles using the following contact information.

Mayor of Rémérangles

Mayor of Rémérangles : M Hubert PROOT
Mandate : 2014-2020
Date of Birth : 1944-01-31
Professional activity : Retraités agricoles

Address of the town hall of Rémérangles

Mairie - Rémérangles
38 Grande rue
60510 Rémérangles

GPS coordinates :
Latitude : 49.40900
Longitude : 2.29236

Contact the town hall of Rémérangles

Phone : 03 44 78 02 11
Fax : 03 44 78 70 51
Mail :
Website :

Schedules of the town hall of Rémérangles

vendredi : 11h30 to 12h30 -
mardi : 17h30 to 19h00 -

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City Council of Rémérangles

Below is the list of the municipal council of Rémérangles corresponding to the 2014-2020 mandate.

  • CHUETTE Raymond
  • CHAMBESLIN Jean-Pierre
  • ANDERSEN Henry
  • PETIT Jean-Marc
  • CHABAILLE Jean-François
  • NOËL Bernard
  • PROOT Hubert
  • PETIT Germain
  • DEMONCHY Sandrine
  • PROOT Jean-Luc
  • Municipal councillors of Rémérangles

    Municipal Elected OfficialsAgeGenderOccupation
    ANDERSEN Henry2022 yearsMRetraité salarié privé
    CHABAILLE Jean-François2022 yearsMRetraité salarié privé
    CHAMBESLIN Jean-Pierre2022 yearsMAutre cadre (secteur privé)
    CHUETTE Raymond2022 yearsMSalarié agricole
    DEMONCHY Sandrine2022 yearsFEmployé (secteur privé)
    NOËL Bernard2022 yearsMRetraité agricole
    PETIT Germain2022 yearsMCadre supérieur (secteur privé)
    PETIT Jean-Marc2022 yearsMAgriculteur-propriétaire exploit.
    PROOT Hubert2022 yearsMRetraité agricole
    PROOT Jean-Luc2022 yearsMIndustriel-Chef entreprise
    VANLERBERGHE Marie2022 yearsFAgriculteur-propriétaire exploit.
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    Neighbouring town halls of Rémérangles ?

    CPostal code Municipality Population Area Distance
    60510 Rémérangles 235 inhabitants 8.38 km2 0.0 km
    60510 Fay-Saint-Quentin 527 inhabitants 7.26 km2 2.5 km
    60130 Bulles 905 inhabitants 16.8 km2 3.2 km
    60510 Essuiles 538 inhabitants 13.64 km2 3.6 km
    60510 Rue-Saint-Pierre 775 inhabitants 8.88 km2 4.2 km
    60510 Litz 344 inhabitants 9.75 km2 4.6 km
    60510 Bresles 4,193 inhabitants 21.24 km2 4.8 km
    60510 Fouquerolles 275 inhabitants 10.31 km2 5.1 km
    60510 Haudivillers 798 inhabitants 9.87 km2 5.3 km
    60510 Neuville-en-Hez 982 inhabitants 29.16 km2 5.6 km
    60130 Plessier-sur-Bulles 158 inhabitants 3.86 km2 5.9 km
    60130 Mesnil-sur-Bulles 239 inhabitants 6.34 km2 6.1 km