Municipality of Panon (72600)

Panon city hall

Panon is a French municipality of the department Sarthe (72) in the region Pays de la Loire. The city of Panon has a population of 35 inhabitants according to the 2012 census and the area of Panon is approximately 2.37 km2, thus a density of 15 inhabitants/km2. Postal code of Panon is 72600 and his INSEE code is 72227

Mayor of Panon is M Jean-Michel DELOMMOT, he was elected for the 2014-2020 term. You can see the composition of the Panon city council below.

For your administrative formalities you can go to the town hall of Panon located at : Le Bourg, 72600 Panon.

The neighbouring municipalities of Panon are Vezot, Saosnes, Saint-Calez-en-Saosnois, Pizieux, Saint-Rémy-du-Val, Saint-Longis, Villaines-la-Carelle, Commerveil, Marollette, Mées, Neufchâtel-en-Saosnois and Mamers.

Updated on 29/06/2020 :
For the constitution of the new city council (2020) and the new mayor, you can consult the results of the municipal election in Panon in 2020.

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In this section you will find all the information about the town hall of Panon. You can get all the information you need from the address below. You can also contact the town hall of Panon using the following contact information.

Mayor of Panon

Mayor of Panon : M Jean-Michel DELOMMOT
Mandate : 2014-2020
Date of Birth : 1959-09-12
Professional activity : Employés (secteur privé)

Address of the town hall of Panon

Mairie - Panon
Le Bourg
72600 Panon

GPS coordinates :
Latitude : 48.33870
Longitude : 0.29441

Contact the town hall of Panon

Phone : 02 43 34 15 26
Fax :
Mail :
Website :

Schedules of the town hall of Panon

jeudi : 16h00 to 19h00 -

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City Council of Panon

Below is the list of the municipal council of Panon corresponding to the 2014-2020 mandate.

  • BUNLET Jacqueline
  • PLESSIS Olivier
  • FERRUEL Stéphane
  • RICHARD Hélène
  • VENON Christophe
  • L'HOMMAS Mathilde
  • DELOMMOT Jean-Michel
  • Municipal councillors of Panon

    Municipal Elected OfficialsAgeGenderOccupation
    BUNLET Jacqueline2022 yearsFRetraité salarié privé
    DELOMMOT Jean-Michel2022 yearsMEmployé (secteur privé)
    FERRUEL Stéphane2022 yearsMArtisan
    L'HOMMAS Mathilde2022 yearsFReprésentant de commerce
    PLESSIS Olivier2022 yearsMAutre cadre (secteur privé)
    RICHARD Hélène2022 yearsFAutre retraité
    VENON Christophe2022 yearsMEmployé (secteur privé)
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    Neighbouring town halls of Panon ?

    CPostal code Municipality Population Area Distance
    72600 Panon 35 inhabitants 2.37 km2 0.0 km
    72600 Vezot 72 inhabitants 6.37 km2 1.6 km
    72600 Saosnes 196 inhabitants 11.42 km2 1.9 km
    72600 Saint-Calez-en-Saosnois 174 inhabitants 7.31 km2 3.0 km
    72600 Pizieux 89 inhabitants 4.48 km2 3.2 km
    72600 Saint-Rémy-du-Val 574 inhabitants 16.69 km2 3.2 km
    72600 Saint-Longis 504 inhabitants 11.19 km2 4.2 km
    72600 Villaines-la-Carelle 181 inhabitants 14.82 km2 4.3 km
    72600 Commerveil 140 inhabitants 5.69 km2 5.1 km
    72600 Marollette 132 inhabitants 5.78 km2 5.4 km
    72260 Mées 100 inhabitants 6.83 km2 5.4 km
    72600 Neufchâtel-en-Saosnois 943 inhabitants 23.41 km2 5.5 km