Map of speed cameras in the vicinity of Monterfil

On the map below you can find speed cameras at Monterfil and nearby. For each speed camera, in addition to its location you also have its geographical position, the type of the speed camera, the controlled direction and the name of the location of the speed camera.

List of speed cameras at Monterfil with their characteristics

Location Direction Route radar type Speed limit
IFFENDIC DOUBLE SENS RD35 Radar fixe 50 km/h
ST THURIAL LORIENT vers RENNES RN24 Radar discriminant 110 km/h
BREAL SOUS MONTFORT RENNES vers LORIENT RN24 Radar discriminant 110 km/h
TALENSAC DOUBLE SENS RD62 Radar fixe 80 km/h
GOVEN DOUBLE SENS RD44 Radar fixe 80 km/h
BEDEE RENNES VERS ST BRIEUC RN12 Radar fixe 110 km/h
CHAVAGNE DOUBLE SENS RD34 Radar fixe 70 km/h
LA CHAPELLE BOUEXIC Rennes vers Guer RD776 Radar fixe 50 km/h
LE RHEU Lorient vers Rennes Radar feu rouge 0 km/h
LE RHEU Rennes vers Lorient Radar feu rouge 0 km/h

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