Speed camera ROUANS RD723

On the map below you can locate the radar ROUANS on the road RD723 (near Lavau-sur-Loire) whose direction is DOUBLE SENS. This radar is of type Radar fixe and controls a speed of 70 km/h in the direction DOUBLE SENS . The GPS position of this radar is latitude: 47.19506 and longitude: -1.85438. The control device used for this radar is MORPHO.

Other radars within 15 km

Location Direction Route radar type Speed limit
at 7.06 km D751 Itin 0 km/h
STE PAZANNE at 11.04 km Nord Est vers Sud Ouest Radar Passage 0 km/h
STE PAZANNE at 11.08 km Sud Ouest vers Nord Est Radar Passage 0 km/h
PORT ST PERE at 11.25 km DOUBLE SENS RD751 Radar fixe 80 km/h
NANTES at 11.25 km CHOLET vers RENNES RN844 Radar fixe 70 km/h
PORNIC at 12.65 km DOUBLE SENS RD751 Radar fixe 70 km/h
VIGNEUX DE BRETAGNE at 13.73 km NANTES vers VANNES RN165 Radar discriminant 110 km/h

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