Speed camera RD 918

On the map below you can locate the radar on the road RD 918 (near Hagen) whose direction is . This radar is of type Itin . The GPS position of this radar is latitude: 49.324033 and longitude: 6.251165. The control device used for this radar is .

Other radars within 15 km

Location Direction Route radar type Speed limit
THIONVILLE at 6.75 km LUXEMBOURG vers METZ A31 Radar fixe 90 km/h
THIONVILLE at 6.82 km METZ vers LUXEMBOURG A31 Radar fixe 90 km/h
RICHEMONT at 7.98 km THIONVILLE vers METZ A31 Radar fixe 110 km/h
KOENIGSMACKER at 8.61 km SIERCK LES BAINS vers THIONVILLE RD654 Radar fixe 80 km/h
KOENIGSMACKER at 8.86 km THIONVILLE vers SIERCK LES BAINS RD654 Radar fixe 80 km/h
SEREMANGE ERZANGE at 12.32 km LONGWY VERS METZ A30 Radar fixe 110 km/h
THIONVILLE at 13.04 km ANGEVILLERS vers THIONVILLE RD14 Radar discriminant 90 km/h
THIONVILLE at 14.20 km THIONVILLE vers ANGEVILLERS RD14 Radar fixe 90 km/h

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