Speed camera CUISE LA MOTTE RN31

On the map below you can locate the radar CUISE LA MOTTE on the road RN31 (near Estrées-Saint-Denis) whose direction is COMPIEGNE vers SOISSONS. This radar is of type Radar fixe and controls a speed of 50 km/h in the direction COMPIEGNE vers SOISSONS . The GPS position of this radar is latitude: 49.40296 and longitude: 3.0102. The control device used for this radar is MORPHO.

Other radars within 15 km

Location Direction Route radar type Speed limit
JAULZY at 2.56 km Compi Radar feu rouge 0 km/h
JAULZY at 2.65 km Soissons vers Compi Radar feu rouge 0 km/h
COMPIEGNE at 14.29 km Av. du G Radar feu rouge 0 km/h
MARGNY LES COMPIEGNE at 14.78 km CLERMONT vers SOISSONS RN31 Radar discriminant 110 km/h

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