Speed camera D1001

On the map below you can locate the radar on the road D1001 (near Saint-Félix) whose direction is . This radar is of type Itin . The GPS position of this radar is latitude: 49.400384 and longitude: 2.420155. The control device used for this radar is .

Other radars within 15 km

Location Direction Route radar type Speed limit
AIRION at 1.74 km ST JUST EN CHAUSSEE vers CLERMONT RD916 Radar fixe 80 km/h
NOINTEL at 5.12 km DOUBLE SENS RD931 Radar fixe 50 km/h
CAUFFRY at 9.42 km CREIL vers CLERMONT RD1016 Radar discriminant 110 km/h
LAIGNEVILLE at 10.88 km CLERMONT vers CREIL RD1016 Radar discriminant 110 km/h
HERMES at 13.11 km DOUBLE SENS RD12 Radar fixe 70 km/h
BLINCOURT at 14.58 km DOUBLE SENS RD1017 Radar fixe 50 km/h

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