Salle De Sport (Salle De Sport)

Salle De Sport, Salle multisports à Thyez

The sports equipment "Salle De Sport" is located in the city Thyez, in the department Haute-Savoie (74) in the region Rhône-Alpes. Below you have the address and a map centered on "Salle De Sport". Further down, an interactive map, allows you to quickly locate other Salle multisports nearby.
Sports practicable at Thyez : badminton, jeu de volant, basket-ball, football, football en salle (futsal), gymnastique volontaire, planche à roulettes (skate).

Location and address from Salle De Sport in Thyez :

Rue Des Acassias
74300 Thyez
Latitude : 46.07715520
Longitude : 6.54057070

Sports equipment "Salle multisports"" is an infrastructure that is part of the installation Salle De Sport to Thyez, Haute-Savoie.

Information about Salle De Sport

Salle De Sport is part of the installation "Salle De Sport"
Department : Haute-Savoie
City : Thyez
Number of sports facilities : 1
Parking spaces : 8

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Activities available at Salle De Sport, Thyez

Activity Level of practice City
badminton, jeu de volant Entrainement Thyez
basket-ball Loisir - Entretien - Remise en forme Thyez
football, football en salle (futsal) Entrainement Thyez
gymnastique volontaire Loisir - Entretien - Remise en forme Thyez
planche à roulettes (skate) Compétition départementale Thyez

Description and activities of the equipment Salle De Sport

Salle De Sport

Type of equipment : Salle multisports
Year put into service : A partir de 2005
Number of grandstand seats : 0
Nature of the soil : Synthétique (hors gazon)
Type of site : Intérieur
Surface, area of evolution : 810 m2
Width of evolution area : 18 meters
Length of evolutionary area : 45 meters
Presence of heated changing rooms : Yes
Number of changing rooms for athletes : 2
Presence of sanitary facilities : Yes
Presence of sanitary facilities for the public : Yes
Has a reception desk in the infirmary : No
Has a refreshment bar : No
Has a grandstand : No
Presence of showers : Yes
Owner of the equipment : Commune
Equipment Manager : Commune
Authorized Public : school, clubs, other, Individuelle.
Uses allowed by the equipment : education, Sports training, sports recreation.
GPS latitude : 46.07715520
GPS longitude : 6.54057070

The sports activities listed in this equipment (Salle De Sport) are as follows :

  • Badminton, Jeu de volant
  • Basket-Ball
  • Football / Football en salle (Futsal)
  • Gymnastique volontaire
  • Planche à roulettes (Skate)

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Level of sports practice in Thyez, Salle De Sport

Salle De Sport is a sports facility in Thyez and is part of the installation Salle De Sport. The activities that can be practiced there are as follows :

  • badminton, jeu de volant in Thyez, Entrainement level
  • basket-ball in Thyez, Loisir - Entretien - Remise en forme level
  • football, football en salle (futsal) in Thyez, Entrainement level
  • gymnastique volontaire in Thyez, Loisir - Entretien - Remise en forme level
  • planche à roulettes (skate) in Thyez, Compétition départementale level

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