Petit Bassin (Complexe Sportif De La Ganterie)

Complexe Sportif De La Ganterie, Bassin ludique de natation à Poitiers

The sports equipment "Petit Bassin" is located in the city Poitiers, in the department Vienne (86) in the region Poitou-Charentes. Below you have the address and a map centered on "Petit Bassin". Further down, an interactive map, allows you to quickly locate other Bassin ludique de natation nearby.
Sports practicable at Poitiers : baignade loisirs, natation course sportive, sauvetage en eau plate, water-polo.

Location and address from Petit Bassin in Poitiers :

Rue De La Ganterie
86000 Poitiers
Latitude : 46.57037000
Longitude : 0.36780000

Sports equipment "Bassin ludique de natation"" is an infrastructure that is part of the installation Complexe Sportif De La Ganterie to Poitiers, Vienne.

Information about Complexe Sportif De La Ganterie

Petit Bassin is part of the installation "Complexe Sportif De La Ganterie"
Department : Vienne
City : Poitiers
Number of sports facilities : 7
Parking spaces : 65

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Activities available at Petit Bassin, Poitiers

Activity Level of practice City
baignade loisirs Loisir - Entretien - Remise en forme Poitiers
natation course sportive Entrainement Poitiers
sauvetage en eau plate Entrainement Poitiers
water-polo Entrainement Poitiers

Description and activities of the equipment Petit Bassin

Petit Bassin

Type of equipment : Bassin ludique de natation
Year put into service : 1965-1974
Number of grandstand seats : 120
Nature of the soil : Carrelage
Type of site : Intérieur
Surface, area of evolution : m2
Width of evolution area : meters
Length of evolutionary area : meters
Presence of heated changing rooms : Yes
Number of changing rooms for athletes : 4
Presence of sanitary facilities : Yes
Presence of sanitary facilities for the public : Yes
Has a reception desk in the infirmary : Yes
Has a refreshment bar : No
Has a grandstand : Yes, with 120 places
Presence of showers : Yes
Owner of the equipment : EPCI
Equipment Manager : EPCI
Authorized Public : school, clubs, other, Individuelle.
Uses allowed by the equipment : education, Sports training, sports recreation.
GPS latitude : 46.57037000
GPS longitude : 0.36780000

The sports activities listed in this equipment (Petit Bassin) are as follows :

  • Baignade loisirs
  • Natation course sportive
  • Sauvetage en eau plate
  • Water-Polo

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Level of sports practice in Poitiers, Petit Bassin

Petit Bassin is a sports facility in Poitiers and is part of the installation Complexe Sportif De La Ganterie. The activities that can be practiced there are as follows :

  • baignade loisirs in Poitiers, Loisir - Entretien - Remise en forme level
  • natation course sportive in Poitiers, Entrainement level
  • sauvetage en eau plate in Poitiers, Entrainement level
  • water-polo in Poitiers, Entrainement level

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