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Map of Orléans

Orléans is a city located in the Loiret department which corresponds to the department 45. Orléans is part of the Centre region. Orléans postal code is 45000.

In 2020, the number of inhabitants in Orléans is approximately 115,263 (against 114,782 inhabitants in 2016) for an area of ​​27.74 km2, which represents a density of 4,155 inhabitants / km2.

The map below can also be used as a road map of Orléans. We see the main roads (roads and highways). We can easily distinguish the streets of Orléans, the railways, but also the lakes and rivers. Similarly, we can easily get an idea of ​​the density of the urban and interurban network of the city of Orléans or its surroundings.

Map and plan of Orléans

Map and plan of Orléans

The map above shows a map of the town of Orléans. The map displays the contours of Orléans and acts as an interactive map of the town, which allows you to zoom in on the streets, roads, highways, paths and the different elements present on the map of Orléans. Below this page you also have a satellite map of the town of Orléans.

The closest municipalities and villages to Orléans are Saint-Jean-le-Blanc at 2.45 km, Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle at 2.49 km, Fleury-les-Aubrais at 2.94 km, Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Mesmin at 3.68 km, Saint-Jean-de-Braye at 4.36 km, Semoy at 4.51 km, Olivet at 4.52 km, Saint-Denis-en-Val at 4.66 km, Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin at 5.50 km and Saran at 5.62 km. Ingré at 6.03 km. Combleux at 6.26 km. Below you have a more complete table on the 20 closest cities to Orléans.

Département 45000 : Loiret.

List of municipalities in the department Loiret

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Location of Orléans

Orléans maps : The Orléans maps which illustrate this page allow the location of Orléans on the map of Fance. On the dynamic maps below, you can move to see the surroundings of Orléans. You can see the streets and roads of the town of Orléans.

Below you have the altitudes of Orléans as well as the geographic positioning of Orléans (latitude and longitude) in different cartographic projection systems like WGS84 or Lambert 93.

Altitude of the municipality of Orléans :
Minimum altitude : 90 meters
Maximum altitude : 124 meters
Average elevation : 107 meters

Coordinates in sexagesimal (WGS84) :
Latitude : 47° 54' 08" North
Longitude : 01° 54' 15"

Decimal geographic coordinates :
Latitude : 47.92 degrees North
Longitude : 1.90 degrees

Coordinates X and Y in Lambert 93 :
X : 618,356 meters
Y : 6,756,510 meters

What sport to practice in Orléans ?

List of sports equipment in Orléans

On the interactive map below, you can quickly locate the various sports facilities in the city of Orléans. Just click on one of the sports sites and then visit the description of the sports site to display its characteristics, its address, the activities that can be practiced there. The city of Orléans has around 270 sports facilities :8 swimming poolss, 7 boulodromes, 1 bowling, 35 tennis courts, 20 health and fitness equipment, 19 athletic equipment, 1 wall and fronton, 1 round of golf, 2 pas de tir, 1 ice sports area, 28 plateau-EPS, 18 combat rooms, 33 multisports halls, 22 halls or specialized fields, 9 non-specialized rooms, 2 sites of aquatic and nautical activities, 8 artificial climbing structures, 28 adventure playgrounds, 26 outdoor playgrounds, 1 various sports equipment.

If you are looking to practice a sport in Orléans or its surroundings, go to or do sports in Orléans ? You will find the list and location of sports facilities and equipment nearby.If you are looking to practice a sport in or around Orléans, go to or do sport in Orléans? There you will find the list and location of nearby sports facilities and equipment.

List of sports disciplines in Orléans

In Orléans you can practice the following sports : , aéromodélisme, basket-ball, billard (français (carambole), snooker, anglais, américain), bowling, boxe anglaise, kayak-polo, danses par couple (danses de compétition), autres danses, echecs, escrime (epée, fleuret, sabre ), nage avec palmes, plongée subaquatique (plongée libre), football, football en salle (futsal), football américain, flag, full contact (boxe américaine), light contact, first full, full défense, super fight, semi-contact, golf, gymnastique artistique, gymnastique rythmique, gymnastique aérobic, expression gymnique, trampoline, double mini-tramp, tumbling, gymnastique acrobatique, gymnastique volontaire, haltérophilie, force athlétique, musculation, handball, mini hand, handball de plage, hockey en salle, hockey sur gazon, aikido, aikibudo, budo, judo, jujitsu, taïso, kendo, iaïdo, naginata, jodo, sport chanbara, karaté, karaté jutsu, goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, ..., lutte traditionnelle, olympique libre, olympique gréco-romaine, bretonne, féminine, escalade, saut, lancer, course sur piste, boxe thaïlandaise muay thaï, natation course sportive, natation synchronisée, plongeon, water-polo, baignade loisirs, aquagym, pétanque et jeu provencal, aviron, hockey sur patins en ligne, hockey sur patins, rugby à 15, rugby à 7, badminton, jeu de volant, sports boules, ballet sur glace, danse sur glace, patinage artistique, taekwondo, hapkido, tang-soo-do, soo bahk do, sin moo hapkido, hapkido jin jung kwan, tai chi chuan, chi gong, tennis, tennis de table, carabine (hors 300m), pistolet, plateaux, arbalète, armes anciennes, bench rest, silhouettes métalliques, tir sportif de vitesse, tir à l'arc, triathlon, twirling bâton, volley-ball, volley-ball de plage (beach-volley), green-volley, activités de forme et de santé, autres (autres), unss,

Find a swimming pool in Orléans

Below is the list of swimming pools in Orléans as well as places for bathing and swimming :

The swimming pools near Orléans

Locate the surroundings of Orléans

Select a region :
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Sights & Landmarks inOrléans

If you are traveling to Orléans, here's some tourist sites, monuments, restaurants to visit:

Château de Cambray

Address :
3 lieu-dit Cambray 28140 Éole-en-Beauce

La Petite Maison

Site theme :
1 étoile#Classement officiel des hébergements touristiques

Address :
15 chemin des Moulins 45530 Combreux

GéoMOTifs dans le Loiret

Address :
45000 Orléans

Château du Lude

Address :
45370 Jouy-le-Potier

Les Ecuries Thierry Moreau

Address :
Courtaudin 45240 Ligny-le-Ribault

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Orléans map on blank map of France

Map of Orléans

List of Orléans districts

Map of Orléans on map of France with outline departments

Map of Orléans

Distances from Orléans to the main cities of France

Orléans administrative map

Download: Orléans on the map of regions of France

Distances between Orléans and some big cities of France :

  • Distance from Orléans to Orléans : 0.00 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Paris : 111.35 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Rouen : 181.03 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Poitiers : 188.47 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Châlons-en-Champagne : 215.89 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Caen : 219.61 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Amiens : 223.37 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Limoges : 235.87 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Dijon : 243.50 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Clermont-Ferrand : 252.94 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Rennes : 268.13 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Nantes : 270.91 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Lille : 314.30 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Besançon : 317.83 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Lyon : 326.57 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Metz : 342.65 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Bordeaux : 390.39 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Strasbourg : 440.03 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Toulouse : 480.42 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Montpellier : 501.88 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Marseille : 580.30 kilometers
  • Distance from Orléans to Ajaccio : 855.66 kilometers

Orléans on administrative map (arrondissements)

Orléans on map of France with boroughs outline

Map with contours of Orléans: you can zoom in on the map, move around to see the surrounding area of Orléans and you can also have a satellite view of Orléans by clicking on satellite on the map above.

Location of Orléans

Municipality of Orléans

Data about Orléans :

  • Department number : 45
  • Department : Loiret (45)
  • Region : Centre
  • Postal Code : 45000
  • Latitude : 47.9039
  • Longitude : 1.9072
  • Population (2012) : 116490 inhabitants
  • Area : 27.74 km2

Orléans's postal code is 45000. The town of Orléans, postal code 45000, is located in the Loiret department (45) itself located in the Centre region.

Where is the Orléans ?

The town of "Orléans" is located in the Loiret department, its postal code is 45000. The region of the town of Orléans is the Centre region whose region number is 106.

VCities closest to Orléans ?

Postal Code Municipality Population area (in km2) Density (inhab/km2) Distance (in km)
45000 Orléans 116,490 27.74 4,199 0.0 km
45650 Saint-Jean-le-Blanc 8,571 7.63 1,123 2.5 km
45140 Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle 16,775 6.11 2,745 2.5 km
45400 Fleury-les-Aubrais 21,652 10.16 2,131 2.9 km
45750 Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Mesmin 5,464 8.91 613 3.7 km
45800 Saint-Jean-de-Braye 19,146 13.71 1,396 4.4 km
45400 Semoy 2,991 7.83 382 4.5 km
45160 Olivet 20,722 23.35 887 4.5 km
45560 Saint-Denis-en-Val 7,407 17.35 427 4.7 km
45380 Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin 9,539 8.95 1,066 5.5 km
45770 Saran 15,631 20.34 768 5.6 km
45140 Ingré 8,151 20.66 395 6.0 km
45800 Combleux 478 1.1 435 6.3 km
45160 Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Mesmin 2,742 14.08 195 7.3 km
45140 Ormes 3,408 18.27 187 8.0 km
45760 Boigny-sur-Bionne 2,191 7.47 293 8.2 km
45400 Chanteau 1,272 29.11 44 8.3 km
45430 Chécy 8,123 15.55 522 8.9 km
45590 Saint-Cyr-en-Val 3,316 44.48 75 9.3 km
45520 Cercottes 1,121 24.31 46 9.3 km
45760 Marigny-les-Usages 1,167 9.62 121 10.1 km
45370 Mareau-aux-Prés 1,260 15.17 83 10.2 km
45380 Chaingy 3,552 21.71 164 10.3 km
45520 Gidy 1,523 23.44 65 10.9 km
45430 Bou 936 6.3 149 11.1 km

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Satellite map of Orléans

Click to display the satellite map of Orléans

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